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The Last shall be First... my best moving tips

So, you are moving soon? Or maybe not so soon. At some point you will, and at some point you will be packing all of your earthly treasures into cardboard boxes and plastic containers and loading up a truck to take all of those things we need and can't part with to the next place we call home.

This has been my reality. Too many times to count. Too many times I would have preferred. But guess what? It has paved the way for an adventure that I never saw coming- each and every time.

Whether this move is for a job relocation, or to upsize or downscale, there are a few tips I have learned along the way that I thought might help you.

This is not the article on eliminating and purging, however that can be extremely helpful (wink wink).

In fact, I can't take all the credit because my sister Tamara has helped me move a few times. She would come over on moving day in tennis shoes and hair pulled back. She is a go-getter, and moving day is like game day. It is serious. With that said, here is a few things that have helped us- besides a little caffeine.

1. Begin with a plan.

Are you taking everything to the new location? How many truck loads are you planning, and how many hours/days do you have help? Knowing this can decide the pace you must work, and allow you to budget most effectively.

2. Start a Big Basket!

I recommend getting a basket- NOT a box to gather the essentials. The purpose of the basket is so it doesn't accidentally get sealed and carried off by your help. You need a distinct, "hey, this is not a moving box" basket. This basket goes with you in the cab of your vehicle. Load it with the following:

-2+ rolls of toilet paper

-couple bottles of hand sanitizer

-bottled water

-painters tape

-roll of parchment paper of butcher paper

-set of clean sheets

-advil & bandaids (whether you think you need them or not)

-post it notes and marker


-phone charger

-snacks like trail mix or microwave popcorn

-your most favorite framed photo

3. Time to Load up!

There are a variety of tips on how to pack, and a lot of professional moving companies have their own strategies to maximize the space on the moving truck. My biggest tip is to load your bed frame and mattress the VERY LAST. This makes it the first thing off the truck. Take the time, set up your bed first- while everyone is fresh and you are not exhausted. For there are some long hours ahead.

4. Now, time for the basket-

Get that basket out and grab those fresh clean sheets and make your bed. Resist the urge to lay down. You are just getting started! All kidding aside, you will be so grateful at the end of a long day that you have a place to retreat to. Trust me.

New homes rarely come equipped with bathroom supplies, so it is good to have that extra t.p. on hand.

What about the painters tape and parchment/butcher paper? Well, hello temporary shades!!! With time comes blinds and window treatments, but for an immediate need of privacy- taping up some paper in the window can do the trick.

Post-it notes are a wonderful way to let the movers know what you are calling each room and what you would like to have in each room. EX: The brown sofa goes in the den. Everything labeled. Easy Peasy.

Radio and Phone charger- self explanatory. The popcorn, well... perfect snack without needing cookware and makes the house smell good too!

Framed photo- instantly makes your new place feel like home. It is something I do first thing in every home I have moved to. There is just something about seeing a treasured memory in your new home- even when there is nothing else around. Evoking the emotion of past, present, and future gives that little bit of energy and eases any potential anxiety from all the work ahead to set up your habitat.

5. Have fun

Hang in there. Have fun. Life is an adventure. Find something fun to remember about this move and write it down.

Have you moved recently? Have any good tips you would like me to incorporate in a future article? Send me a note. I would love to hear from you.

Beyond Blessed,


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