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Home for the Holidays...Is now a good time to put my house on the market?

"With Thanksgiving just a few days away and Christmas following a few weeks later, is it a good time to put my house on the market?" That is a question I get often and it really is a valid one. Are buyers going to be buying with the colder weather and a calendar full of commitments? The answer is yes! Ideally, the grass is greener and the birds are chirping when the ground is roughed up a bit by the for sale sign. Things feel new and fresh in the spring, and that goes for homes too. There is also something special to be said about winter that is often not talked about much.

Ambience. Homes are typically warmer and have a welcome sense in the colder months. Whether it is a direct result of the fireplace going or we have our holiday decor out, this season can bring out a true feeling of home. Besides the emotional appeal that this time of year, it is also great for sellers there is less competition. With the mindset of "waiting till spring" in full force, those looking to sell their home in the winter months can get a jump on the competition. For buyers, it is a really good opportunity to see what your house may look like at its "worse." What I mean by that is, with a lack of leaves on the trees and bare bushes- you can get a great idea of how your lot lays and what the foundation of the property really looks like.

The truth is, the market is always turning. Just like the second hand on the clock. The world keeps going, and that includes home buying and selling. Sellers get transferred, have to down-size, or their families expand. Buyers in the same boat. If you find yourself looking or needing to sell this time of year, don't stress. If it has to happen at some time in the near future, then now is just as good of time as ever. It puts a new meaning to "Home for the Holidays."

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