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Ask A Designer: Nathan Taylor With Obelisk Home

Hi there! Here is a great post by my friend and company marketing manager, Kyle. I really enjoyed this post, and I thought you would too!

MARCH 25, 2016

Nathan Taylor Principle Designer and co-owner of Obelisk Home in Downtown Springfield. Obelisk Home has been in business for nine years and features inspired furniture, luxury lighting, decorative accessories interior design services that range from concept to completion and all phases in between.

We sat down with Nathan recently to discuss his unique approach to interior design, things people can do to get summer ready, and of course, how to give style to your pets’ digs.

Murney: What was the last project you designed?

NT: A remodel. The home was built in 2008. We took the Missouri Country French to a very very clean lined, classic traditional home without committing the customer to a specific style. We got rid of faux finish on walls, painted over texture, and put up a new natural stone fireplace that was 17 feet high. We also closed off a few ‘eyebrow’ arch ways to give the clients a dedicated breakfast area.

Murney: What’s one item you couldn’t live without in your home?

NT: Orchids. Things we’ve collected from trips. Original art is one of the most important aspects of interior design.

Murney: What are some trends you’re seeing in the SGF area?

NT: As a designer one of the things I really shy away from is ‘trends’ because you pigeon-hole yourself. Grey is a popular color, but not every home has to have grey. I don’t think you need to remodel based on trends, either. My motto is “I want people to know Obelisk did their home, but I don’t want them to know Obelisk did their house.”


Murney: What’s the most popular color scheme this year for interiors?

NT: Greige. Grey and beige together. I like colors that lend themselves to warmth. Alabaster white (Sherwin’s color of the year) paired with any color that has warmth to it.

Murney: How can people get summer ready on a budget?

NT: Fun pillows. White accessories, metallic accessories. Candles are a simple way to make significant change to a room.

Murney: How do you tell a story with interior design?

NT: We take elements of what people already have and build from that. The story can be that “We got this on a trip” or “Our kids made this” we want the room to feel like part of the family.


Murney: What goes into keeping your pet’s digs stylish?

NT: We’ve incorporated pet’s feeding area into the end of a kitchen island. We’ve lined the walls underneath cabinets with laminate to help keep things clean. Dog bowls and dog beds from Unleashed Life are a must.

Murney: What’s one thing a client can expect during a remodel?

NPT: The biggest challenge of a remodel is that most clients set a budget before the make a list of what they want. Be realistic about what you want and what you can afford. What are the most important things? There’s always going to be hidden things behind walls and unexpected opportunities. Be open and understanding.

Murney: How did Obelisk Home get started and what does the company name mean?

NT: We started 9 years ago in November. The name comes from The Washington Monument. It is an obelisk. The obelisk is one of the oldest shapes in architecture and it hasn’t changed since its inception. It implies architectural integrity and timelessness.

If Obelisk has one thing in abundance it is integrity in their work.

Click here to see some of Nathan's work

Be sure to visit Obelisk Home on the First Friday ArtWalk route on April 1st and every other first Friday of the month until September. They’ve been on the circuit for 8 years and theirs is one of the finest stops on the Art Walk.

You can shop online at or in person at 214 West Phelps St, Suite 101 in Downtown Springfield. A special thanks to Nathan and Nicole for spending time with us this week!

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