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What's on your list?

Last night, I asked my two oldest kids to write down their "wish list" for Christmas. Now that they are a little older, I am seeing the shift in the requests from trendy gadget type toys to things that are a little more useful and practical. It's funny, I thought we just did that as adults- but looks like we gradually get a tad more conservative as we age. My oldest, who is in the eight grade this year brought me two lists. A list of all the blessings and things she was grateful for, and a second (shorter) list of Christmas present ideas. It got me thinking in this busy time of year...what's on my list? In the midst of planning holiday parties and decorating the tree, it was a good reminder to stop and reflect on what this past year has brought to us. Just a thought this week that I wanted to share with you. I am working on my list...what's on yours?

#Christmasblessings #gratefulheart #Thereasonfortheseason

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