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Seeking Perfection & Missing the boat

Have you ever lost out on an opportunity, because you weren't ready? Perhaps it was missing an important deadline at work, or party for your family member, or maybe even just the chance to catch up with a neighbor? We all struggle with it and

often times will put off moving forward, and participating in life because we just don't feel ready. This happens all too often when we meet with sellers looking to put their home on the market. The pursuit of perfection causes some to miss out on the current market of supply and demand in their area. Trying to make your home pristine can pay off, don't get me wrong. It can also cost you. If the current market is strong in your area, perhaps you should get your home on the market sooner than later. In fact, by waiting and letting your neighbors put their home on the market first- your odds of getting top dollar are getting lessened. It is all proven by the economics of supply and demand. The more homes availabe, the less the demand. Sure, that upstairs bath tub needs some caulking or you meant to organize the attic a little better, but putting off putting your house up for sale can affect your bottom line. Make a list of what needs to be done with your real estate professional, get it done, and get on. Trust your realtor to give you good guidance here. Don't wait to make it so perfect that you miss some great buyers.

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