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Can you see it?

While out previewing homes, I often have a hard time staying focused. You know, where your mind darts from one subject to the next aimelessly trying to land? Shameful to admit, I know. The momentum of my mind takes over and sees the best and highest possible use for every space I visit in a house. Some people are guilty of seeing the best in other people. I am guilty of seeing the best in every space. Call it a calling, or call it a curse. Re-arranging and decorating are just a part of my DNA. What is worse than a creative design mind spiraling out of control?

I'll tell you. It is being married to someone just like you and previewing houses together. Yes. It happens... and when we have clients along they get to sample firsthand our enthusiasm of how awesome a space can be. Tell me your interests, your dreams, how you like to spend your time at home, and I will tell how an area can meet your desires and quite possibly end our conversation with...can you see it?

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